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apprenticeships in canada!

Posted: February 9 2011

The good folks at SOIL (Stewards of Irreplaceable Land) reached out to us about their terrific apprenticeship program.  Canada welcomes US greenhorns too!  Download the Poster and check out their website.  Here's a note from Keeley:

I work with a great little farm apprenticeship program across Canada (Stewards Of Irreplaceable Land- SOIL) and we're keen to get the word out and attract more people for this season (open to US and international folks too). As a young farmer myself,  I can speak to the importance of having the opportunity to work with and learn from, an experienced farmer for a growing season and  really get a taste for of the work before pursuing my own farm dream.
We’re in our twenty-second year linking Canadian farmers with young folks wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices. Our goals are to encourage the growth of sustainable agriculture, expose potential apprentices to a rural lifestyle offering valuable hands-on learning to acquire the basic skills or even provide the basis for an agricultural career and to assist the farmer with the necessary support required to successfully run their organic operation. The farmers and farm community can also benefit greatly from the influx of new ideas, energy and enthusiasm of apprentices.
We encourage folks to inquire about the opportunity and there's also lots more information on our site www.soilapprenticeships.org and we’d be happy to respond to inquiries through email: info@soilapprentices.
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