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Apprentice Opportunity, Downeast Maine

Posted: February 20 2009

pinetreeSacred Bough Farm is seeking a summer apprentice to help out on our growing permaculture farmstead in Downeast Maine. We live at the site of an old granite quarry; a very unique and beautiful environment hosting a
diversity of species. We have 22 acres of mostly wooded land and are creating a permaculture eden with a forest garden and medicinal herb focus. Currently we grow an organic veggie garden with small greenhouse, a small collection of trees, berry, and nut bushes (the foundation of our food forest), and several organic, perennial flower beds. We have a flock of 13 laying pullets and will be getting Icelandic chicks and dairy goats this spring. We hope to add bees, ducks, meat rabbits, and a farm collie to the mix this year.

We'd love an extra hand to help out with various projects, many of them livestock-related as we develop a plan for integrating critters into the picture. We will be increasing the main garden plot which will require
assistance in mulching, planting, harvesting, etc. We will be giving more shape to the forest garden this year, incorporating more permanent plantings. We also hope to grow part of our animal feed this year... and
will need help planning and implementing this aspect as well. Lots going on, and more projects will be conceived before we get our hands into the soil!
We make a living doing craft fairs (my partner Obie is an artist working primarily with stone). There will be ample opportunity to help out and learn in this aspect of our lives....from going on stone collecting
expeditions, to making and finishing stone crafts, to helping at craft fairs. To get an idea of his work, please check out Obie's website at www.bournedesigns.info (however please note that the apprentice description listed there is not accurate for '09)
We are eager to provide housing and food in exchange for a minimum of 4 hours of work per day (weekends are flexible). Housing is UNHEATED so realistically apprentices would be most comfortable here between end of
April through September. Composting toilet is available; apprentice housing does not have running water. We prefer to share cooking and cleaning duties. This is a flexible position--we're psyched to meet new, like-minded folks and get some extra minds and hands helping out on our beautiful land. If interested, please contact Katie at 207-422-8926 or [email protected]