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apprentice at dog song farm

Posted: December 31 2012
Sarah and Evan at Dog Song Farm in Amery, Wisconsin seek an apprentice/intern for the 2013 season.photo
We request a minimum commitment of April 1st through October 1st.  In 2013 we will raise meat (beef, lamb, chicken and possibly goose), eggs, honey, and vegetables for a 30 member CSA and local farmers' market. We are also planting strawberries, asparagus and garlic this year as well as prepping for a future 4 acre apple and pear orchard. Our 40 acre farm will be transitioning to Biodynamic. A neighboring farm, where we'll be growing much of the veg for CSA, is certified organic. We also preserve our own food, including but certainly not limited to making cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and canning, freezing, dehydrating, etc.
Interns will assist with/learn about the following:
- All aspects of CSA fruit/veg production: Planning successive sowings, spring greenhouse/seed starts, transplanting, cultivating, irrigation, harvest, post-harvest handling, packing. 
- Animal chores: Milking the family cow, pastured poultry chores/eggs, rotational grazing, hay making, small grain production, pasturing pigs, and most likely chasing sheep. Most of the animals are slaughtered at a nearby facility, but we'll probably butcher a few of our own at home.
- Perennial plantings/maintenance: Strawberries and asparagus in the Spring. Prepping areas for future orchard plantings by sowing cover crops, making and applying wood chips.
Other projects: Water catchment, permaculture projects, involvement in events at nearby farm learning center. There are a few bee hives already, but we'd like more this year. Starting some mushroom cultivation. We're also doing woodlot management on the property.
-Organic/biodynamic Certification: We will be doing most of the record keeping ourselves, but we want to help make the process a manageable part of small farms.
We expect an average of 40 work hours per week and you'll have days off. Position includes a private room, farm food, and a monthly stipend. Contact Sarah and Evan at [email protected] or 715.501.8053.
hudson, new york