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another pathway into farming: food safety victims!

Posted: May 29 2013

Antibiotics in livestock raising concerns up the food chain
Citing danger to humans, health groups challenge widespread use; FDA resisting demands for changeMET-AJ-1-ANTIOBIOTICS

While Sam Spitz's friends were loading up on pizza for lunch, the Whitney Young High School sophomore opted for a chicken Caesar salad.
Spitz was in training for a big sophomore baseball season — after having pitched on the school's varsity team as a freshman — so, he says, he "wanted to make the healthy choice."
But soon he was not so sure he'd chosen wisely. Severe gastric distress kept him in the bathroom for hours, and eventually he started losing blood.
After multiple trips to the emergency room, Spitz learned he'd been infected with an antibiotic-resistant strain of campylobacter, a pathogen most commonly linked to poultry. He blames the salad, as the chicken Caesar was his only source of poultry that week.
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