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Posted: December 5 2013

Tomatoes Immokalee -8332

Food Chains explores the exploitation of farm workers in the agriculture industry in the United States, the complicity of government and corporations in perpetuating human rights abuses, and the role consumers can play in ending some of the most egregious human rights violations within our borders.

Food Chain is a fact-based essay form documentary, aiming not simply to inspire emotion, but direct action through the exploration of a number of extremely enlightening and compelling narratives.

Food Chain stars Eric Schlosser, Dolores Huerta, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and a number of farmers, farm workers and activists. http://www.foodchainsfilm.com/site/

Picture Motion is currently working with the filmmakers to develop the film’s 2014 social impact strategy.

hudson, new york