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agrobiodiversity principles from FACT

Posted: August 13 2020

From the folks at FACT: Food, Agrobiodiversity, Clarity and Transparency:


The FACT Accelerator has worked with food systems experts from across the globe to develop 10 Principles for Agrobiodiversity; to show how we all benefit from practices carried out across the value chain that support greater agricultural biodiversity.

The successful integration and expansion of biodiversity in food systems require upholding basic principles that represent significant changes in the predominant patterns of food production and trade. These principles support climate-friendly regenerative biodiverse farming practices, responsible and effective food businesses, healthy diets, and ensure fair benefit-sharing with producers and communities. Application of the Ten Principles identified here provide benefits to producers, communities, consumers, and other stakeholders in the food supply chain, and is aligned with broader efforts to develop sustainable, equitable and regenerative food systems, as well as responsible businesses. (by the FACT Roundtable, edited by Ann Thrupp and Alberto Miti)

To go deeper, FACT is gathering examples of what success looks like across the globe. You can contribute to this work by filling out a brief survey to nominate projects or case studies that contribute to the 10 Principles.


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