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Agrarian Trust launches the Agrarian Commons!

Posted: May 8 2020

We at the Greenhorns are so thrilled to announce the official launch of Agrarian Commons: a necessary and innovative approach to address the realities of how land is owned, tenure and equity are conveyed, and land stewardship is carried out. Visit the map to discover the 10 newly founded Agrarian Commons, the founding farms and the founding organizations that made it happen.

On behalf of our sister organization, Agrarian Trust, we invite you to visit the website and learn more about the issue of ensuring long-term, affordable access to land for the next-generation of farmers. Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter for updates!

If you wish to see your land legacy sustainably stewarded and loved by generations of families, farmers, and communities to come, donating land to Agrarian Trust could be an ideal choice for you. Find out more about gifting land to the trust, here (and share with elders who you know that may have land to gift!!).

The founding Boards of Directors for the first ten Agrarian Commons are 58 percent women, 63 percent farmers, and 85 percent local to the region the Agrarian Commons serves. The land is held in and by communities for:

  • Ecological, restorative agriculture and community-building
  • Long-term lease tenure and equity interest to farmers and ranchers
  • Stewardship and ecosystem investment
  • Farm, ranch, and agrarian viability and local agrarian economies