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a garden in juvenile hall

Posted: February 24 2014

A great model, courtesy of Planting Justice.
Together, we can create a space that allows for incarcerated youth to experience the same healing power of gardening as men involved in the Insight Garden Program in San Quentin do.
We've already seen the transformative power of a garden for adults while incarcerated: reduced recidivism rates, job skills, and internal healing. It is important that we provide incarcerated youth with these same opportunities because by nurturing and caring for a young plant you learn to nurture and care for yourself and others.
By creating a teaching space for this, we can ensure that we stop the cycle of victimization and recidivism early on and help these incarcerated youth to live their lives without reincarceration.
Please, help us to fund the Juvenile Redemption Garden and start healing 60 incarcerated youth today!
Together we can create opportunities for Health and Empowerment for incarcerated youth!
The Planting Justice Team

hudson, new york