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a family with its land, and its act, together

Posted: May 8 2012

This is a WONDERFUL and EXEMPLARY model for those who have land and are looking for farmers/collaborators: http://www.kolbhomestead.com/

Success in these kinds of relationships depends on the skills of the farmer, certainly, but also on the configuration of management decisions, consensus on the vision for the project, and clear parameters.  The Zingermans Team in Ann Arbor manages their business with more than 50 " Managing Partners" which is in this greenhorn's opinion a wise and empowering framework for collaboration, far more so than "staff farmer". Afterall, the type of person who chooses farming is usually quite determined, entrepreneurial, and independent minded. Better that than yet more low quality hay, or worse, soggy land farmed for feed corn by an indifferent farmer who doesn't make trouble but sprays bunches of poison.  So let us embrace the initiative of these young farmers, partner effectively, and create a thriving set of farms on family owned land, such as this--well done people! - Sev

red hook, new york