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a dairy on the move

Posted: March 19 2014

This farmer in Suffolk  has moved her innovative dairy, using crowdfunder to make it happen.  She runs a small, commercial dairy with suckling calves.  Take note, follow her work, and pitch in if you can!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl5OG8B-0gM&w=560&h=315]
Fiona Provan's Calf at Foot Dairy in Suffolk is unique and very special. Fiona's small herd of 100% pasture-fed Jersey cows produce fabulous raw milk, as well as pasture-fed veal and beef.  But that isn't all. The cows at the Calf at Foot Dairy keep their precious calves who are then gently weaned far older than usually happens in the dairy industry, keeping both mum and calf happy. Compassion is the watchword at The Calf at Foot Dairy and the taste of the raw milk and pasture-fed veal and beef from the happy herd is second to none! The Calf at Foot Dairy herd is 11 milking cows and their calves, including the beautiful Bluebell and her two month old calves Forrest and Gump.

hudson, new york