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12 Aprils Dairy Grazing Program

Posted: February 12 2011

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing Tom's story with us - Trantham's Sustainable 12 Aprils Dairy Grazing Program.

"After years of being a conventional farmer in South Carolina, Tom Trantham faced bankruptcy. As he tells it, the paperwork was sitting on his kitchen table ready for him to sign. Needless to say he was reluctant to give up on something he had poured himself into over the years. It was a spring day, with grass growing wildly out in the fields across from the cow barn, and the cows couldn't take it any more. They broke out and set to grazing some of that good green stuff (they had been living on a diet of grains and mixed rations in their stalls). This did not make Tom too happy, but he let them be. At the next milking he noticed his milk production had gone up. What? The next day he let the cows out to graze the fields and went along to watch. What came of all this is his 12 Aprils Grazing program - raising a crop year round for the cows to graze on."
red hook, new york