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work songs for working farms

Posted: November 28 2014

Noon, December 6, 2014 at Sub Edge Farm, 199 Town Farm Rd., Farmington, Connecticut
Presented by Bennett Konesni, Edith Gawler, and friends.
Join Bennett Konesni and Edith Gawler (of Sylvester Manor and worksongs.org) for this small-group, hands-on, sing-out workshop  at Sub Edge Farm in Farmington. Participants will learn a collection of songs useful on vegetable farms with working crews. In the process, we’ll discuss how to use worksongs as a cultural technology, a tool you can use to improve your effectiveness in the field and transform your experience of mundane handwork.
Based on new experience and insights from using worksongs during the 2014 season, we will cover simple call and response songs from the Americas and Africa, and may touch on livestock calls of  Europe and Asia.  We’ll explore the careful steps you can take with your fellow cultivators to introduce songs into the field setting and touch on details such as leader/group dynamics, space and song layout, working patterns, and the history and modern practice of this lively and useful agrarian tradition.
Suggested Donation: $10.00
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