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wisconsin rising

Posted: October 2 2013

awesome film! 
Wisconsin Rising tells the story of how Wisconsin became a testing ground for the nation in 2011. It was the canary in the coal mine as big money and power waited to see how far they could push people’s rights, in a political environment where corporations have greater and greater clout and ordinary citizens are losing their ability to obtain redress.
Following conservative Governor Scott Walker’s announcement of his controversial ‘Budget Repair Bill,’ the people of Wisconsin rose up, occupied their state capitol and took to the streets as rarely before seen in American History. Their collective actions are the largest sustained gathering of any workers resistance in US history.
Many say Walker’s bill is an assault on working people, unions and the poorest, most vulnerable people in the state. At a time when millions of American families feel the crush of debt and joblessness, while large corporations are seeing record profits, Badger State residents demonstrated the strength that comes from a shared sense of community and acting collectively.
While Wisconsin Rising highlights one state’s rejection of a conservative takeover, it is a microcosm of what is at stake in America today, at a time of fiscal crisis, ideologically-driven budgets and social reforms.

hudson, new york