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white barn farm screening this friday!

Posted: August 1 2011
We are showing the Greenhorns film on the barn on Friday August 5th at 8 pm. It is a documentary about young farmers, often not from farming backgrounds, just up and beginning a farm. Kind of like me and Chris 🙂 We have a projector and speakers and a big canvas sheet. It will be like a drive-in with no cars! Park at the Roadside Stand and carefully cross the road and go left down the hill in front of the barn. Bring your own bug repellent and a beach chair or inflatable couch if you're like Tarah and family. Bring your own movie snacks and a cooler of refreshments, if you like. If you're lucky we will pop up some locally grown popcorn and little Meg will bake a couple batches of handheld fruit pies (doesn't "hand pie" sound like it is a pie containing hands?) So throw in a few bucks in case you want to buy some.  A limited number of White Barn Farm pint glasses will also be on sale for $10 to jump start our "buy-the-farm fund" We have limited ticket sales to 65 tickets, available at Brown Paper Tickets for $6 plus whatever fee they charge. The limited number is so we can all fit in the barn in case it is raining. In that case we will provide chairs. If the weather turns out to be lovely we will definitely be outside and we will increase the tickets available to 100 the day of the event.
Stay tuned on the website calendar if we add any bells and whistles. For now, that's the basic info.
Pass this email along to anyone you think could be interested. Look forward to seeing you there!!
wrentham, ma