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what will you get at the goat spit summer throwdown?

Posted: June 16 2009

Lots!  and much of what you'll get is free: good vibes, great entertainment, sunshine, pep talks, Reverend Billy!  But it's also a fundraiser for the greenhorns, so we're selling things! and auctioning things off! The pharmacy has been cleaned out, spruced up and made ready for an onslaught of greenhorns  & foodie folk, and we can't wait to see you. Here's a little list of what we'll be offering to lure you to the corner of Sackett & Henry in Brooklyn on Saturday.
$5 for entry to pharmacy + 1 beer
$5 to visit vibrant rooftop garden and attend farming workshops

Goat sandwich with meat fresh off the bike-powered spit, salad, pickles, condiments - $8
Cheese sandwich with salad, pickles, condiments - $6
Grassfed hamburger - $6
Sodapop - $3
Beer from Captain Lawrence Brewing, Sixpoint Ales & Sly Fox - $5
Ronnybrook chocolate milk - $4
Strawberry Smoothies - $3
All ingredients & products  have been generously provided by local farms & businesses, including:
Awesome Farm (eggs)
Beltane Farm (cheeses)
Belmond Farm (goat)
Bethlehem Boer Goat Ranch (goat)
Blooming Hill Farm (veggies)
Cato Corner (cheeses)
Dickson's Farmstand Meats (hamburger)
Fentiman's (soda)
Frankie's Spuntino (olive oil)
Goot Essa (Mustard)
Hawthorne Valley Farm (yogurt)
Katchkie Farm (Ketchup)
McClure’s Pickles
Organic Valley (milk & cream)
Ronnybrook Farm (chocolate milk)
Smithereen Farm (veggies)
Upstate Farms (veggies)
We'll offer up the list of tasty, cuddly and inspiring auction items tomorrow for you perusal.

Where: 513 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY - Map
When: Saturday June 20, 2pm-9pm


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