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update from aaron dillon, four winds growers

Posted: February 10 2011

In the film.

On the land.
Surfing it up-- and dealing with the ASIAN CITRUS PSYLLID the best way he can.
So since I have seen you last I have moved down to Watsonville (just south of Santa Cruz) to set up a new growing grounds for Four Winds Growers.
We have 13 acres total, probably about 11 acres of actual production space.  The main focus of our work here will be propagation of citrus inside of an insect resistant structure. We have a 2 acre glass green house that we are retrofitting that will house our new mother stock and propagation facility. the bug we are dealing with is called the Asian Citrus Psyllid.  Last month it was found in Ventura County which is bringing the quarantine boundaries closer putting increased pressure on our operations. Here is a map showing the current quarantine boundary. http://pi.cdfa.ca.gov/pqm/manual/PDF/maps/3435ACPOverview.pdf
The rest of the space here in Watsonville will be used for finishing of product for sale to retail nurseries.
So far to date we have about 40,000 citrus, 5,000 avocados, 1,000 fruit trees, and about 25,000 blue berries canned up.  We are hoping to be able to start selling by May.
Our other 2 growing grounds are still active.
We have 22 acres of production in Fremont and 16 acres of production in Winters.
Four Winds Growers continues to focus on producing high quality citrus and other edible ornamentals for use in home gardens throughout the state and even the country.
We have recently completed a remodel of our website and would love to share that whenever possible. www.fourwindsgrowers.com
My wife and I are also celebrating the arrival of our second daughter Amelie Mai born Dec 13th 2010.  2010 was a big year of change for us and we are excited about the prospects for 2011.