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upcoming workshops at Foxglove Farm, BC

Posted: July 27 2010

Two upcoming workshops at Foxglove Farm's 'Centre for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture'. Both are taught by farmers Michael Ableman and Josh Volk.  Register at www.foxglovefarmbc.ca or call 250-388-6800 for information. 

Growing for Family - September 23-25th: This workshop is for people who would like to learn simple systems for growing food in small spaces for themselves and for their families. We will cover composting and soil fertility, bed preparation, seeding and transplanting, weeds and cultivation, and the harvest and storage of various food crops. This workshop is for all levels, no prior experience is necessary. $225, includes lunches and dinners.
Growing for Market - September 27 – October 1: This is a nuts and bolts workshop which will cover a range of both perennial and annual crops and enable participants to learn some of the specific techniques and strategies of a successful market farmer. The first part of the workshop will focus on production, from soil fertility and preparation, to seed selection and propagation, through harvest and post-harvest.  The second part will be devoted entirely to marketing, with sessions on region specific market planning, farmers’ markets, CSA,  displays, and restaurant and wholesale sales. $285, includes lunches and dinners.


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