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topless america

Posted: November 16 2009

watch this, and re-read Wendell Berry & Wes Jackson's 50 Year Farm Bill piece from last January
Topless America.org
Over 520 Appalachian Mountains have been destroyed, covering and poisoning more than 2,000 miles of headwater streams due to Mountaintop Removal coal mining. More than 7 percent of Appalachian forests have been cut down. Three million pounds of explosives are used in the mountains of West Virginia alone every working day. Coalfield residents live with increased flooding, blasting that cracks the foundations of their homes, floating coal dust, and poisoned water supplies. Mountaintop removal literally blows the tops off of mountains and destroys, not just the surrounding communities, but the headwaters of the entire Southeastern United States.
We are ALL connected. We ALL live downstream.