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this is the farm podcast

Posted: September 24 2013

another episode is up!  We'll continue to periodically remind you of this helpful and inspirational podcast.
'This Is The Farm' - a podcast by the Texas Young Farmer Coalition. This week is Brad Stufflebeam, who is brilliant and very excellent.  You can find it here:
or subscribe to it here through iTunes:
Brief synopsis
On Episode #5, we talk with Brad Stufflebeam of Home Sweet Farm out of Brenham, TX. Home Sweet Farm is unique, in that they not only own and operate a highly diversified farm – fruits, veggies, and animals – but work cooperatively with other farmers in the area to help distribute their goods through Home Sweet Farm’s CSA (300+ strong) and retail storefront. Brad is truly a jack of all trades, with lots of practical advice, tips, and stories to share. Real talk!

hudson, new york