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The Young and the Landless

Posted: April 15 2009

This piece was written by Greenhorns ally Twilight Greenaway for Culinate.  Great work, Twilight!
The Young and the Landless
here's an excerpt:
They're not wearing overalls or brandishing pitchforks, but the young farmers who appear in the trailer for the documentary film "The Greenhorns" are the real thing. Their faces are sun-worn, the dirt under their fingernails is visible on camera, and they look like they've stopped between sweat-inducing tasks to share agricultural secrets with the audience.
The film's director, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, 27, appears in the trailer several times, pushing open a farm gate, leading the camera into a greenhouse, and waxing poetic in a field of protected land.
Von Tscharner Fleming farms a small plot of land herself and believes that America's young farmers, the subject of the documentary, can "feed us safe food, conserve valuable land, and reconstitute communities split apart by strip malls."
*keep reading at http://www.culinate.com/articles/features/young_farmers


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