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the premio daniel carasso international prize is calling for applications

Posted: June 19 2014

The international prize called the Premio Daniel Carasso aims to reward an international renowned research scientist who, through cross-disciplinary researches, has innovative and realistic approaches in order to develop “sustainable food and diets for long-term human health”.
The Premio is open to scientists working in fundamental or applied research in nutrition, food studies, food technology and sciences, agriculture, agronomy, fishing and fish-farming, agro-ecology, ecology, biodiversity, environmental sciences, sociology, anthropology, economics, farming food nutrition policy and all other subjects related to sustainable food.
Applicants have to submit their entries on line, in English, between the 1st of April and the 30th of June 2014.
Research work submitted should:

  •  Contribute to the emergence of sustainable food system;
  •  Incorporate at least 2 of the 4 pillars of sustainability that are environment, society, economics and nutrition;
  •  Combine different disciplines and bring together previously separate fields of enquiry;
  •  Enjoy international recognitions. The applicants should have written widely about their work in international and national reviews (at least five publication) and have spoken at international scientific events.

To apply or simply find out more, visit  http://www.fondationcarasso.org/en/espace-candidat