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the multnomah model

Posted: July 25 2011

Communities across the country are taking charge.  This one, in Oregon, has a website full of information that will be helpful to all of us.

The Multnomah Food Initiative started as an innovative community partnership to develop a shared food system vision, goals, and an action plan that will promote issues of health, social justice, economic vitality, and sustainability within our regional food system.
The 2nd Annual Multnomah Food Summit focused on implementing actions of the Multnomah Food Action Plan. To Grow and Thrive by 2025 we must come together to develop strategic partnships and identify gaps and barriers to fostering a sustainable, healthy, equitable, and prosperous local food system in Multnomah County.
2011 Summit Summary is available HERE.
The 1st Annual Multnomah Food Summit was the kick-off event for the Multnomah Food Initiative, an innovative partnership within our community to develop a shared vision, collaborative food system goals, and a 15-year action plan. With the release of the Multnomah Food Action Planin December 2010 our community embarks on the journey of turning our shared vision into action.
This year, at the 2nd Annual Multnomah Food Summit, over 230 community partners, including non-profits, businesses, faith organizations, schools and local governments from across the food system sector, joined together to work on implementation of the goals and actions outlined in the Multnomah Food Action Plan. Participants had the opportunity to attended 18 Breakout Worksessions focused on implementing healthy, equitable, and prosperous local food efforts in Multnomah County.