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the greenhorn's summer BUZZ

Posted: June 8 2012


HUDSON, NY (June 8, 2012) –  From their main street headquarters, the Greenhorns, a grassroots non-profit organization working to promote, support, and recruit young farmers in America, announces a big step forward.
The Greenhorns have gone live with a website redesign. The new site carries the same utility, free literature, and resources for new farmers (and the same URL) as the previous site, but now with more of the Greenhorns’ defining charismatic spark. Most importantly, the new site presents three of the most recent products of their work and makes these accessible to new farmers and their supporters in time for summer’s busy activity.
For the first time, the film The Greenhorns is available on DVD for home viewing. Personal copies of the feature-length documentary showing young farmers, their rosy cheeks and entrepreneurial valor, are available by direct order for only $25. The DVD is also available from the independent and socially conscious film distributor, Collective Eye.
Hot off the press from Storey Publishing comes Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement, an anthology of essays written by 50 young farmers cultivating the new American food system today. The book documents the struggles and joys of making the choice to farm, finding land, credit, tools and friends, tending the flock and the fields, making mistakes and finding purpose; of surviving the first ten years of being a farmer.
 To top the flight of this summer’s endeavors, the Greenhorns are hot on the production of a new web series,OurLandwhich aims to delve into the issues and interests of new agrarians in focused monthly episodes and accompanying essays. These 10 minute segments follow the innovative and enterprising farmers striving to build a new food system around the limitations of the old one. The first of many episodes examines urban farms, brownfields, and overcoming pollution.
As we plant, so shall we reap. With many project babies to nurture, it’s a long hard hustle of a summer and the Greenhorns are so thrilled to share them and invite farmers near and far to participate in the network. What an exciting and important time to be a farmer. You can practically hear the corn growing, the people talking, the movement budding.
For pictures of The Greenhorns work and people, visit our Flickr.

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