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The Greenhorns in The Ecologist

Posted: September 16 2010

Greenhorns: the network that's breathing new life into US farming

by David Hawkins
It's helping attract youthful talent into sustainable agriculture across the US, but can the Greenhorns movement survive in the land of Big Ag, or cross the Atlantic to the UK?
The Greenhorns is an exciting new movement tearing up the turf (gently) in the USA. This fresh network of young farmers is mapping the future of food production with ambitious targets, incisive communication and savvy marketing - all fertilised with plenty of organic passion.
Read the rest of the article here: http://www.theecologist.org/how_to_make_a_difference/food_and_gardening/590684/greenhorns_the_network_thats_breathing_new_life_into_us_farming.html