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the goat spit menu & festivities - simplified

Posted: June 20 2009

dear greenhorns goat spit summertime throwdown attendees,
We've decided to simplify your eating and enjoying experiences at tomorrow's event... and so, we now proudly present a newer, hipper, simpler (and just as affordable) pricing structure for tomorrow's event!  Also, we picked some organic strawberries for you:
Here's how it works:

$5 = cool bean

Entry + one "Bean".  What's a "Bean"?  It's two things: 1) It's a dry heirloom bean. 2) It's an alternative currency redeemable for one beer or soda.

$20 = cool bean + food stamp

Entry + the "Full Menu": one Bean + one brown paper ticket
What's a brown paper ticket?  It's like a lunch ticket from elementary school, but cooler.  When you hand it in, we'll tear it in half and give you a sandwich/salad/pickle plate (your choice, goat or cheese). You keep the remaining half of the ticket to redeem for ice cream from Adirondack Creamery!

$50 = cool bean + food stamp + upstairs + utilibling + membership + stickers

the "Throwdown All-In".  You get a Greenhorns 'Supporter' Membership, dongle & eartag bling, stickers, kisses & our undying gratitude, plus one Bean and one brown paper ticket.  Essentially, you get it all.

Extra Beverages + Desserts

Want more? We're happy to oblige:
Adirondack Creamery Ice cream - $5
Ronnybrook Chocolate milk - $4
Fentiman's and GuS Sodas - $3
Organic Strawberry Smoothies - $4
Want another beer? Buy another Bean! $5
Captain Lawrence, Sly Fox and Sixpoint