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short film, what's a colloquium?

From filmmaker Matt Anderson: In 2013 I released a documentary called ‘Fall and Winter’ which was about the rise and fall of industrial civilization. When we began filming in 2008 the realities of climate change and the end of our resource-intensive way of life seemed pretty distant. But after filming multiple crises first-hand and listening to the […]

Posted: July 8 2020
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revolutions start from the bottom: film series on agricultural solutions to climate change

[vimeo 173969073 w=640 h=360] Unbroken Ground from Patagonia Provisions on Vimeo. Film maker Chris Malloy asks, how can different aspects of agriculture and our food economy alter to change our relationships to our land and our oceans.

Posted: December 20 2016
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UK folks: screening of the solution to pollution is life in cambridge, uk on august 18

The really fabulous feminist film buffs over at Reel Women host a monthly short film night that promotes the work of female filmmakers. On August 18, they are showing a night of films about food, and as part of this event, will be screening the Greenhorns's own The Solution to Pollution is Life." We are psyched […]

Posted: August 9 2016
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kale, racial justice, and reclaiming our collective right to the earth

  [youtube] A beautiful walk around Soul Fire Farm with the thoughtful, insightful, and fiercely passionate Leah Penniman. This film was produced by The Next System Project and the Laura Flanders Show, as part of their series on gender, race, and the next system. I'd write more about the farm, but my paraphrasing would never be as powerful […]

Posted: April 5 2016
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man up!

The Cinder Cone // Foster Huntington We are excited to release THE CINDER CONE, a Farm League Original film, directed by Foster Huntington.  We paired the release with a NY Times feature, NY TIMES: ESCAPE TO BROTOPIA.

Posted: July 30 2015
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voting ends march 2nd: real food media short film contest

The Greenhorns are in the top 10 and voting ends Sunday! To read more about the top 10 and the contest in general, check out this article in the Bay Area Bites blog. 

Posted: March 1 2014