rural academy theater

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csart: community supported art by the rural academy theater

Announcing The 1st Ever: Until We’re Together Again Community Supported Arts Project. We're set up just like a farm CSA, where you pay a monthly fee and receive a box of delicious farm fresh food… Only We're Sending You A Box Of Freshly Grown, Non GMO, Free Range ART!!! Each month, for the next 6 […]

Posted: December 24 2020
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rural academy theater fall tour!

Check out the schedule here. BREAKING NEWS FROM YOUR FAVORITE HORSE PULLED THEATER… This fall The Rural Academy Theater will clip clop its way into your back yard and heart with a full array of exciting new material to inspire, charm, divert and incite. The ambassadors of The Slow Theater Movement bring with them an […]

Posted: September 10 2014
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rural academy theater - dates have posted!

The Rural Academy Theater is a collaboration of individuals, two-legged & four creating theater for primarily rural audiences in response to the growing urbanization of our culture, economy, food, education, media, & art. Their annual horse-pulled tour brings performers, musicians, sculptors, & dancers to town greens, college campuses, theaters, riverbanks, & farms via horse pulled […]

Posted: August 13 2014