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Commons Based DIY Farm Tool Production, 'AutoConstruction'

Spearheading the movement for cooperative, user-led tool production in Quebec's farming community is CAPÉ, la Cooperatif pour Agriculture de Proximité biologique et Écologique. "AutoConstruction" in French, collective, DIY tool production allows farmers to save money by working together and buying materials in bulk. These projects allow participants to enjoy a dynamic workspace and the expertise […]

Posted: July 27 2019
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save the date for the 23rd annual dairy sheep symposium in quebec

The 23rd Annual Dairy Sheep Symposium is taking place from Nov 30th - Dec 2nd this year at the Estrimont Suites and Spas, Orford (near Sherbrooke), Quebec.  The title of this year's symposium is “Profitability in Dairy Sheep Production”, and it will focus on genetics and nutrition of dairy sheep flocks.  Each year the Dairy Sheep Association of […]

Posted: July 13 2017
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new video: permaculture orchard in quebec

Stefan Sobkowiak runs Miracle Farms, a five-acre orchard that he converted from organic monoculture to a permaculture orchard in 1993. Watch this video where he talks about abundance, biodiversity, and choosing to make a positive change. Learn more about Miracle Farms HERE. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

Posted: October 30 2014
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the permaculture orchard: beyond organic is available for download on june 1st!

    Click here to download this video on June 1st! The orchard can be a magical place; endless acres of peaches, pears, or apples in gorgeous bloom by the roadside, producing delicious fruit. But an orchard, by definition, is a monocultural crop - nothing but one type of fruit tree that requires a lot […]

Posted: May 30 2014