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feed & flourish: the klosters forum podcast series with hannah macinnes

Hannah MacInnes is a Freelance Journalist and a regular interviewer and Podcast Host for the How To: Academy, chairing interviews, panels and debates across a wide range of subjects and current issues. We are delighted to invite you to listen to a selection of experts in this year, 2020, the super year for nature and biodiversity. The future of nature […]

Posted: April 16 2021
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on the commons to which we belong: for the wild podcast interview with severine

LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE From For The Wild: "Around the world, churches own millions of acres of land. Globally, the Catholic Church owns an estimated 200 million acres of land, making it one of the largest non-government landowners in the world. This reminds us of the glaring inequalities when it comes to land ownership, especially […]

Posted: December 31 2020
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heritage radio network tribute to Philando Castile

On June 5, 2020, Heritage Radio Network aired episode 77 of their flagship news show Meat and Three: SAY THEIR NAMES: REMEMBERING PHILANDO CASTILE From Heritage Radio: This week on Meat and Three, we released a special episode that addresses recent police violence and revisits our tribute to Philando Castile, a school cafeteria worker who was […]

Posted: June 6 2020
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podcast: Farmers & Ranchers For a Green New Deal

From Regeneration International, "The Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal Podcast is a series of conversations with members of a national coalition representing more than 10,000 rural and urban farmers and ranchers in the U.S. The coalition is committed to advancing food and agriculture policies that support organic, regenerative and agro-ecological food production […]

Posted: May 13 2020
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check out this wonderful new podcast series

Down to Earth is a podcast about hope. As climate change collides with our industrial food system, we focus not on doom but instead on people who are developing practical, innovative solutions. We invite you to meet farmers, ranchers, scientists, land managers, writers, and many others on a mission to create a world in which […]

Posted: October 30 2017
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listen: episode 3 of the just food podcast

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/345493674" params="color=ff5500" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] Listen to the latest episode of The Just Food Podcast. The 6-part podcast series covers a range of topics aimed at cultivating justice and health. They are produced by the Berkeley Food Institute in partnership with the UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute at the Graduate School of Journalism. Episode 3 tells the story of the […]

Posted: October 6 2017
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the farmers aren't alright

A discussion between farmers on mental health and the challenges of being well while you work.

Posted: March 7 2017
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a podcast to get your enlightenment on

What is it about young farmers that makes them such fanatic podcast listeners? Is it the lonely nature of their tractor work? A need for brain food during otherwise mind-dulling tasks such as hand-weeding the parsnips? Do they have a desire to remain attune to the otherwise distant goings on of popular culture? Or is […]

Posted: August 30 2016
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farmer voices

Farmer voices is a podcast series on PRX.org Give this episode a listen: Young Farmer's Sustainable Agriculture Tool Lending Library and explore their new website and other entertainment offerings.

Posted: July 13 2015
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talking chadwick

More than thirty years after his death, people still refer to Alan Chadwick in the present tense, a fascinating testament to the power of his personality and ideas. It is challenging, perhaps even foolhardy, to attempt to capture this complex man – such a huge person and influence – in a few web pages.  The […]

Posted: October 16 2014