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coronavirus musings: security / mental shift / new normal

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure By Aisha S. Ahmad MARCH 27, 2020 Apu Gomes, AFP, Getty Images  Among my academic colleagues and friends, I have observed a common response to the continuing Covid-19 crisis. They are fighting valiantly for a sense of normalcy — hustling to move courses online, maintaining strict writing schedules, […]

Posted: April 26 2020
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a podcast to get your enlightenment on

What is it about young farmers that makes them such fanatic podcast listeners? Is it the lonely nature of their tractor work? A need for brain food during otherwise mind-dulling tasks such as hand-weeding the parsnips? Do they have a desire to remain attune to the otherwise distant goings on of popular culture? Or is […]

Posted: August 30 2016