new farmer mentoring

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indispensable new guidebook for farms offering apprenticeship program

There are two things that it is important for you to know before I say the following sentence: 1.the subject at hand is one that I have considered at great length and that is enormously near and dear to me hear; 2. bomb-diggity is not a phrase that I use lightly. Keeping that in mind, the Quivira Coalition's new […]

Posted: August 15 2016
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new farmer mentoring program @ Jubilee Farm

self-supporting young farmer corps are popping up all over. here is one focusing on mentoring Local Organic Farmers Offer New-Farmer Mentoring Carnation, WA — A meeting for people interested in starting their own organic farm under the mentorship of experienced farmers will be held on March 12 from 11:00-1:00 at Jubilee Farm in Carnation. The […]

Posted: March 9 2011