Maine Sail Freight

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maine asks trump to make sail freight a reality

Maine submits a request for a barge route to New York City. Now where have we heard that idea before...?

Posted: March 16 2017
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hot stuff: from timber to tide

[vimeo 144892147 w=640 h=360] From Timber To Tide from Pixillion on Vimeo.

Posted: August 2 2016
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greenhorns releases: MANIFESTA!

We are so proud of this awesome collaboration. If you've been wondering how a maritime art stunt fits into the mission of an organization that supports farmers (I mean, talk about your landlubbers!), this publication is for you! Manifesta lays out the story, history, discourse, and activism behind the Maine Sail Freight project last summer! The un-monograph is a […]

Posted: May 3 2016
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free webinar on collaborative trade and fair markets

Yellow Seed, a nonprofit organization that facilitates connections between farmers and fair markets, recently partnered with Impact Hub Berkley, a social impact working hub out of the Bay Area, to host six curated working groups to focus on Collaborative Trade. The project was called From the Ground Up: Change Accelerator and aimed to "design healthy, global food supply chains […]

Posted: April 5 2016
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maine history online: trade and transport Future French Foreign Minister Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord journeyed to Maine a few years after the American Revolution scouting economic opportunities for his employers. While he wasn't overly impressed with some segments of Maine society –lumbermen and fishermen were particularly suspect –he was awed by its coasts, so favorable to shipping, and believed in its […]

Posted: March 30 2016
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highlights of main sail freight

Posted: March 22 2016
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foodbargehack: planning a new food waterway

Sunday March 13th at the 2016 Just Food Conference New York City The FoodBargeHack is a brainstorming and educational event sponsored by the Lower Hudson Long Island Resource Conservation & Development Council (LHLIRCD), bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and passionate participants. We seek experts in transportation logistics, food distribution, agricultural product aggregation, food […]

Posted: March 5 2016
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march 22: feral trade//maine sail freight

Posted: March 2 2016
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mark your calendars folks

Posted: February 23 2016
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portland, me: intro to maine sail freight with severine!

Posted: February 17 2016
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What is it about the ruthless sea? An acculturation in agricultural landscapes, full of flower buds, dewdrops, fresh hay, kittens and baby lambs cannot prepare you for the hard, chilling mechanics of a mechanized fish harvest. To my tender agrarian eyes, the fishing business is brutal. We may call them “stewards of the ocean” but […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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sail freight projects abound! meet the new FoodBargeHack @ It Takes a Region

We are SO HAPPY to see continued discussion of SAIL FREIGHT! As you may remember, we've been obsessed since our first sail freight project in VERMONT a few years ago, and then again in with Maine Sail Freight this past August. Like they said in the Portland Press Herald: "It's art. It's protest. It's celebration. And, who knows? […]

Posted: November 1 2015
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who fishes matters


Posted: October 4 2015
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bring your body! show up for fisher people, the ocean commons, and the health of the gulf of Maine, sept. 30, plymouth, ma

Urgent! This just in from the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and Fish Locally Collaborative: Family fishermen and supporters are inviting ally networks to join them and call on Congress, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, and the New England Fisheries Council to stop the corporate takeover and privatization of the ocean and fisheries, to protect the democratic […]

Posted: October 4 2015
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we're featured in this beautiful magazine

But we don't think that we're the only reason that you should pre-order it. The cover (like a good cover should) speaks for itself: ffreelancing co-ops, abandoning the perpetual growth model, and a fascinating look at the potential of abandoned villages in Southern Europe and the diverse communities they might encompass. STIR Magazine is a "quarterly […]

Posted: October 4 2015
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an APP for transparency of shipping

This absolutely mind-blowing APP, called Marine Traffic, shows real-time information about maritime traffic into and out of ports all over the world. It is an open-community based project, and costs $3.00, which we think is well worth the money. Next, we need one for semi-trailers and 18-wheelers. Interested in learning more? Check out the APP's FAQ […]

Posted: September 20 2015
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maine products sail into boston!

Maine Sail Freight, a pop-up selling goods from small farms throughout the northernmost New England state, will be anchored inside the Boston Public Market during September. The stash of nonperishable organic cargo — 6,400 pounds — sailed from Portland, Maine, on the schooner Adventure in late August. The Greenhorns, an organization that works to support […]

Posted: September 16 2015
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can costal urbanization happen without landscape architects?

[youtube] A 2013 Lecture by Pierre Belanger at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Landscape Architecture within lecture series "How Do You Landscape?" Starting with the claim that Americans are "geographically illiterate," Belanger explores the concept of urbanity, especially as it relates to our landscape infrastructure, and you probably haven't heard anyone speak […]

Posted: September 13 2015
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meet us at boston public market

We are there, Every day ( Weds-Sunday) from 8am to 8pm. Selling the Maine Products.

Posted: September 2 2015
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Its easy. walk there from the aquarium. Walk there from the Boston Public Market! Walk through the North end! Oh, why, do you ask? Because the Maine Sail Freight is docking there TOMORROW night (that's Saturday August 29)! Be there to see it! Be there to unload Sunday morning at 8:00, and then spend the day exploring the […]

Posted: August 28 2015
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maine sail freight takes sail!

The Maine Sail Freight takes sail THIS Friday, August 28th from the Portland Harbor and arrives in the Boston Harbor on Saturday, August 29th.  There is then a slew of events taking place in Boston until September 2nd. In this MAINE SAIL FREIGHT PDF you will find the FULL schedule of events for the Maine […]

Posted: August 25 2015
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the revival is real!

Sailing Dog, a sail freight focused on sustainable trade in western Washington, comprised a list of the working sail's around the world.  The twelve listed all share equally inspiring visions to that of the Maine Sail Freight. From moving fair-trade chocolate, rum, and coffee, to local farm produce, and meeting the needs of remote islands, sail-powered shipping […]

Posted: August 24 2015
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these are the sea shanties

In our continued enthusiasm for Maine Sail Freight, we are very excited today to bring you a little piece of traditional nautical ear candy. For hair-raising harmonies, visions of rocky beaches, and dreams of salty beards, download and listen to Rolling Home to Old New England.

Posted: August 23 2015
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come one, come all to the grand dinner in portland, me

We bet you have been looking for another way to support the maiden voyage of Maine Sail Freight. Well, baby, we've got it! On Thursday August 27th, the Greenhorns are teaming up with the talented Chef David Levi of Vinland to bring you a fabulously decadent dinner of local foods prepared specially to evoke the spirit of […]

Posted: August 22 2015
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could kelp trump kale?

Gabriela Bradt, a fisheries specialist at the University of New Hampshire, is ready to make Kelp the "Kale of the Sea". According to her interview in The Salt: "The American varieties of kelp and other seaweeds, though, are thought to be milder in flavor than ones found in Asian waters. But they contain the same […]

Posted: August 18 2015