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historian heather cox richardson interviews president joe biden february 25, 2022 - youtube

Posted: March 10 2022
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NPR interview on food supply chain and covid-19

Check out this informative interview from NPR's On Point: Farm To Table: The Coronavirus And America's Food Supply Chain -- "Could the coronavirus pandemic disrupt the food supply chain? We look at how food gets to your store and where the supply line is vulnerable." The workers that our society deems "essential" at this moment […]

Posted: April 29 2020
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save the bees (3 ways)

Watch this short interview: Tree Hive Bees- Scientific Research to Save the Honeybees For those who are concerned about the plight of the honeybees, here's a recent interview with a bee researcher who is doing novel work to try and find solutions. This may be a timely video given that there are still groups out there […]

Posted: August 5 2015