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Commons Based DIY Farm Tool Production, 'AutoConstruction'

Spearheading the movement for cooperative, user-led tool production in Quebec's farming community is CAPÉ, la Cooperatif pour Agriculture de Proximité biologique et Écologique. "AutoConstruction" in French, collective, DIY tool production allows farmers to save money by working together and buying materials in bulk. These projects allow participants to enjoy a dynamic workspace and the expertise […]

Posted: July 27 2019
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sweet herbal remedy book and GH almanac release party, brooklyn, dec. 10!

Dec 10th Book Release Party: Nature’s Remedies & New Farmers Almanac Calling all fellow Greenhorns, plant lovers, and herb nerds!  It’s Jean Willoughby here, and I can easily be described by all three of those lovely, earthbound designations. I hope you’ll join me and an amazing group of folks at the Third Root Community Health Center, a […]

Posted: December 9 2016
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color au natural

I know there are some serious DYIers in the audience-- and I bet that if I were to draw a ven diagram with DIY folks in one circle and who would rather walk around naked than put chemical dyes close to their skin, those two circles might just have some overlap... Those in this middle area of […]

Posted: August 2 2016
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vt: hands on workshop weekend (aug 25th-28th)

Ever wonder how milk becomes cheese and yogurt? What the difference between bacon, pancetta and prosicutto is? How an IPA differs from a regular Pale Ale?  Roll up your sleeves and pack your apron!  During this four-day tour, you will be introduced to various food production methods through hands-on workshops, tastings and innovative farm tours around […]

Posted: April 28 2016
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rewild! escape from monomania

Rewild! Escape from Monomania by: George Monbiot October 17, 2015, Rural America Most human endeavours, unless checked by public dissent, evolve into monocultures. Money seeks out a region’s comparative advantage—the field in which it competes most successfully—and promotes it to the exclusion of all else. Every landscape or seascape, if this process is loosed, performs […]

Posted: October 20 2015
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solutions for self reliance

  RESILIENCE is a community where people who pursue self-reliance and freedom come to get ideas on: Growing and Preserving Food Capturing, Storing and Purifying Water Generating Your Own Energy Building Your Mortgage-Free Home (On or Off-Grid) Appropriate Technology & Tools for Self-Reliance Getting Resilient and Prepared for the Unexpected

Posted: August 19 2015
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man up!

The Cinder Cone // Foster Huntington We are excited to release THE CINDER CONE, a Farm League Original film, directed by Foster Huntington.  We paired the release with a NY Times feature, NY TIMES: ESCAPE TO BROTOPIA.

Posted: July 30 2015
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transformational workshop on transformational landscapes

While we're on the subject of Orchards, this is a great time to remind you that the next workshop in Eliza Greenman's Home Orchard Series is coming up! See details below. August 8th: Fruit Exploring and Summer Grafting Learning from the landscape is one of our best tools in combating climate change and forming a more sustainable […]

Posted: June 22 2015
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Severine, greenhorns founder, to be keynote speaker and panelist at bioneers conference

Live tweeting of the events @bioneers October 17-19, 2014 Keynote:  Millions of Acres: Young Agrarians Needed (Oct. 17) In the next 20 years, farmland ownership will shift on a continental scale—400 million acres, yet 70% of American farmland is owned by people 65 and older. How can we help young, motivated agrarians survive daunting structural […]

Posted: October 9 2014
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our favorite french DIY cooperative

If you can read French, this is a great resource from the folks at L'Atelier Paysan.  If French looks like gobbledygook to you, this website is still worth an exploration (read: random clicking) because what they are doing is awesome. Check it out HERE! (Hint: "outils" means "tools" in French).

Posted: July 19 2014
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there's money to be made in tanning clean it, salt it, scrub it, tan it DIY or just clean it and salt it and send it to people who already know how. Bucks County Fur Products Box 204 220 1/2 N. Ambler Street Quakertown, PA 18951 215-536-6614 they have no website but this contact and […]

Posted: December 31 2010
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DIY easter eggs

First, Does anyone know how to access to abundance of chocolate bunnies, the day after easter? Please comment on this post if so. Or email farmer (at) thegreenhorns (dot) net. And next, a DIY project for your easter eggs, from friend and kitchen greenhorn Susannah Hornsby of the Ginsberg Historical Society in the East Village […]

Posted: March 19 2008