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arizona science institute launches first ever glyphosate testing biobank

[vimeo 236206538 w=640 h=360] The Detox Project reported on Tuesday that they along with MetricBio have launched the first ever Glyphosate Biobank. which is being funded by the public. The aim of the Biobank is to help shed further light on the levels of glyphosate in the U.S population in addition to helping researchers investigate […]

Posted: November 8 2017
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citizen science vs. dicamba

This citizen science group at PublicLab is starting to corral expertise, team-craft and discover potential scientific inquiry methodologies to look at this terrifying trend of toxic and ever more toxic agrichemicals. Conventional farmers, as well as organic farmers, are profoundly concerned by this militarization of agronomy, it becoming a situation of “Spray or be Sprayed”. […]

Posted: October 29 2017
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tired of not being able to download those awesome scientific papers?

Never fear! Sci Hub is here! It's the first website in the world to provide mass & public access to research papers...FOR FREE. Check it out HERE.  

Posted: March 4 2016
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for you apple nerds out there: a malus sieversii database

Widespread Malus has compiled data on the USDA collection of Malus sieversii (Central Asia- genetic homeland of apples) that might be useful in selecting accessions (scions or budwood) to request from USDA. We are collecting a ‘core diversity collection’ from the USDA collection that is especially diverse. Our goals are to make this diversity available […]

Posted: December 4 2015
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do your own citizen science with USDA data, here's a tutorial!

Posted: October 17 2014