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swiss detail, swiss polish. translated to english

Posted: August 30 2011
FiBL publications: important tools for disseminating information
FiBL media place the results of FiBL research within the reach of farmers and other people with an active interest in agriculture, and disseminate these results to extension workers. Many of FiBL’s publications are available in several languages and some are distributed internationally.
FiBL technical leaflets give concise information on a topic and highlight solutions to key problems. They are an indispensable aid to working farmers. In its dossiers, FiBL provides evidence to support the case for organic agriculture. It publishes the monthly magazine “bioaktuell” jointly with Bio Suisse. A cooperation arrangement exists between FiBL and the German Foundation Ecology & Agriculture SÖL, the publisher of “Ökologie & Landbau” magazine which is aimed primarily at experts and researchers in the field.
Furthermore FiBL publishes several Internet sites on different themes concerning organic agriculture, for instance www.bioaktuell.ch, the platform for Swiss organic farmers. It is published in cooperation with Bio Suisse as well as the advisory services of the cantons.
for more on FIBL visit on their website: http://www.fibl.org/en/switzerland.html
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