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stone soup fall and winter semester's

Posted: July 14 2015
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Stone Soup Institute is now accepting applications for their Fall and Winter Semesters. Both semesters are open to up to four students who are curious and adventuresome enough to explore the experiential learning opportunities on a small homestead in Maine.
Fall Curriculum

  • Animal Husbandry
    • Butchering pigs
    • Daily care of laying hens
    • Butchering broiler chickens
    • Daily care of draft horses
    • Logging with draft horses
  • Craft
    • Wild harvesting mushrooms
    • Wine making
    • Baking in a wood-fired outdoor oven
    • Introduction to Fiber Arts
    • Introduction to Blacksmithing
  • Gardening and Crops
    • Storing root vegetables for Winter
    •  Cover Cropping
    • Planting garlic
    • Threshing dry beans
    • Shelling corn
    • Saving seed from fall crops
Winter Curriculum

The major focus of this semester will be logging with the horses. There will be twice daily feedings and mucking out of the stables. Coursework will include:

  • Daily sharpening and maintenance of chain saws
  • Building new and maintaining old logging equipment
  • Felling and preparing trees for appropriate uses
  • Various methods of hauling trees from the woods with horses
  • Introduction to the basics of blacksmithing
  • Introduction to the basics of fiber arts
  • Maple sugaring

More info and application form for the Fall Semester

More info and application form for on the Winter Semester