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staying abreast of the hackers

Posted: December 17 2016

We are all rubbing the crusties out of our eyes, reengaging with democracy and the mess created while we were asleep. As the attached article reaffirms for US citizens, our underlying goal is a self-governing Republic. But how do we as individuals affirm that effort - how do elected officials maintain that form?
Cyber attacks and the lack of transparency about them were hugely undermining to what corporatists have left of our democracy in this last election. The lack of urgency by the FBI and the unwillingness to publicly notify soon-to-be voters by Obama about Russians hacking the DNC left information that would directly influence us and as well as the rate it was dispersed at in the wrong hands.
While transparency should come from the Obama administration, The Intercept_ offers to verify and publish proof of Russian interference.
We can't all be 'patriotic whistleblowers' but we can all begin to oppose the forces while rule our self-governance.
Read The Intercept's article HERE


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