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Start a CSA at Work

Posted: November 13 2008

imagesWhile this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season comes to a close, it's never to early to start fantasizing about next season! In many major cities, demand for CSA shares far outreaches the number of shares available. Why not start your own? The workplace is a good to start, if you work in a building with a consistent number of people coming in and out everyday. Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) has just come out with a comprehensive manual for starting a CSA in the workplace called "From Farm to Firm"(check it out). Just Food also has a CSA Toolkit, but they are currently out of stock (it costs $40).
The first step to get the ball rollin' is gauging interest at your work. Next, easier said than done, connect with a farmer and discuss both sides expectations.