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so wonderful. alix has major talent.

Posted: July 19 2011

RAFI is proud to announce our new resource, NC Farmer Voices.  NC Farmer Voices is a collection of stories—in photographs, sound, and multimedia—about farmer entrepreneurs on the frontier of agricultural innovation.
Each farmer featured is a participant in RAFI’s Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Program, which provides cost-share grants to farmers and community groups that are developing new sources of agricultural income. Their stories give a taste of the many creative, sustainable solutions that farmers have found to keep farms thriving in challenging times. The projects include a tool-sharing library for beginning farmers, a farmer who hopes to be the first commercial pomegranate grower in North Carolina, and a prawn farmer collective.
The wisdom of farmers is one of the most powerful tools we have to bring economic growth to North Carolina and to rural communities nationwide.
I invite you to share their stories and to learn more about the landmark program that has helped these farmers, and more than 500 others, find creative new ways to keep family farms thriving.
- Alix Blair
Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund


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