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small farms update from cornell

Posted: June 18 2009

we highly recommend signing up for this Small Farms Monthly Update from Cornell - it's juicy reading.  Here's June...
June 15th 2009 Small Farms Update
* Organic Dairy Summer Field Days
* Small Farm Quarterly Bulk Orders Available
* NY Sustainable Ag Quarterly SPRING Released
Upcoming Events
* Small Farms Program Sponsored Events
* Beginning Farmer Training Calendar
* Cornell Sheep Program Calendar
* Grazing Calendar
* Other Featured Events
Career etc. Opportunities
* Farm Bureau Farm Stand Promotion
* Watershed Agricultural Council Executive Director - Due Aug 10th
Funding Opportunities
* Farmers’ Markets Grants – Due July 27
* USDA Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Grants – Due July 31
* Farm Aid Grants – Due August 1
* New York Dairy Profit Team Program - Rolling
* Whole Animal Buying Guide Available
* Vineyard Site Selection Tool
* USDA Releases Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Publication
Program Highlights
* Small Farms Energy Work Team Announces Renewable Energy Field Days
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