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sheep & goat webinar

Posted: July 11 2009

got high speed internet? this is a free opportunity via ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.
More than 2.5 million sheep were raised and sold for meat in the United States in 2008. Along with goats, the domestic sheep industry is growing rapidly, in part because of the meat preferences of an increasing diverse ethnic population in the United States. In addition, consumer demand is high for sheep and goat products, including meat, milk and wool. Sheep and goats also contribute to the sustainability of rotational grazing systems.
This July 29, ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service will host a FREE webinar all about this expanding enterprise. Get the most current information on the sheep and goat industry, learn about producing and marketing sheep and goats and hear tips on entering and profiting in this growing livestock area. In this webinar, experts in sheep and goat production will cover the following topic areas:* Multiple benefits of raising and marketing sheep and goats
* Selecting breeding stock
* Evaluating animal health
* Marketing meat, milk and wool products, including organic products
There will also be time to ask and get answers to your questions about sheep and goat production.
NCAT program specialists Linda Coffey and Margo Hale will present the webinar. Coffey's experience includes working at the United States Sheep Experiment Station near Dubois, Idaho. She also has a Master's degree in animal science from the University of Missouri. Hale received a Bachelor's degree in animal science and is finishing her Master's degree in agricultural and extension education, both at the University of Arkansas. Coffey and Hale have lectured and written extensively on sheep and goat production issues in the United States.
This free webinar will be held Wednesday, July 29 at 11 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Please register at www.attra.ncat.org/webinars2009/sheepandgoat.
On the day of the seminar, please join 15 minutes early to allow the required software to download. You can then listen to the webinar through your computer's speakers and see the presentation slides on your computer screen. You may also listen to the webinar by calling a phone number provided after you register online.
TITLE: Sheep and Goat Production
WHEN: Wednesday, July 29, 11 a.m. MDT
WHERE: www.attra.ncat.org/webinars2009/sheepandgoat


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