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An Ode to the Scuffle Hoe

Posted: July 5 2018

scuffle hoe image

Image: An ode to the scuffle hoe

An Ode to the Scuffle Hoe
What weapon this?
In tool section A
I’d not known to miss
Your smoothly slicing foray
Through the barely there weeds
Conspiring today for the weeks coming hence
O! Not so! - those ignoble plants!
Your sharp ring with ease
Hardly turning the soil, so graceful your dance
And happ’ly no more is that threat’nd advance
So simple so sweet!
Scuffle hoe mine
Not once did I meet
a tool so humbly divine.
Without your wise counsel
I must surely admit
To many a day set bent o’er rows
Picking and pulling many an ounce
Losing my patience and wanting to quit
This project of feeding a few hungry maws
So thank you, yes, thank you
My dear scuffly friend.
But -
I’ve hustled and huffled past my wits’ bend...
And now I am thinking about going to a no-till, dense planting strategy with intensive cover cropping and mulch application. So I’m not really sure how much I’ll use you anymore. But thanks for all the help, you really saved my back from a lot of strain.