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Save The Date: Farm Bill Hackathon NYC 12/3

Posted: November 3 2011

Mark your calendar! On December 3, Food+Tech Connect Gojee are bringing together journalists, technologists, designers, policy makers, and food data specialists to develop tools and visualizations that help the public better understand how the Farm Bill impacts our lives. 

Most do not know that the Farm Bill effects us all – influencing what we eat, how much it costs, and why farmers grow what they grow. Over the course of 12 hours, participants will work together to produce tools or graphics that news media and organizations can use to convey the complexities and relevance of the Farm Bill to the public.
The hackathon will take place as part of the International Open Data Hackathon and is made possible by the generous support of the Grace Foundation.
Information from last year’s hackathon is available here.
How To Get Involved
Attend the Event
The official invitation will be released later this week.
Become a partner and make the hackathon a success by sponsoring:
  • Venue
  • Feeding the hackers
  • Technical support
  • Prizes
Run a custom competition to incentivize participants to develop a particular idea. More details available here.
Wish List
Add your ideas for tools or visualizations that will assist you or your organization in communicating the Farm Bill’s implications to the general public.  All ideas wil be listed on the hackathon wiki and will be open for all participants to work on. Organizations may also run custom competitions to help incentivize Hackathon participants to develop their idea.
Host a Satellite Hackathon in Your Own City
We’ll take care of the data, content, and information resource logistics. You take care of securing a venue, bringing participants, and sponsorship for your individual event.
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