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robin wall kimmerer: what does the earth ask of us? - a keynote address

Posted: October 7 2020
(photo credit: UMass Ahmerst History Department, Planet on a Precipice)

****Video/Audio only available until October 20th, so watch soon!*****

"We are showered every day with the gifts of the Earth and yet we are tied to institutions which relentlessly ask, what more can we take? Drawing upon both scientific and Indigenous knowledges, this talk explores the covenant of reciprocity."

As part of UMass's A Planet on a Precipice Series, Robin Wall Kimmerer, distinguished professor and author of Braiding Sweetgrass, asks and answers: "How might we use the gifts and the responsibilities of human people in support of mutual thriving in a time of ecological crisis?"

Robin Wall Kimmerer: What Does the Earth Ask of Us? (only available until Oct 20th, 2020)

To listen to the audio format, visit their SoundCloud.

Professor Robin Wall Kimmerer's keynote is just the first in this stacked and diverse series put on by the UMass Amherst Department of History. To catch the next events like California Burning: The Apocalyptic Trinity of Climate Change, Alien Plant Invasion and Exurbanization, A World in a Shell: The Disappearing Snails of Hawai’i, and Environmental Policy in Historical Perspective, check out Planet on a Precipice.