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redirecting food wastes

Posted: April 26 2010

Here is a smart project that is in competition for funding from Dell.  To vote, click on "promote" on the project's page.

Break it Down’s vision is to divert food wastes to local agricultural production to help feed the hungry.
We are a triple-bottom line social enterprise which works to conserve natural resources by providing a personal and tailored composting and recycling service for businesses while seeking to educate the community (and especially youth) about the role of responsible waste management in creating sustainable agriculture.
Break it Down considers increased composting and recycling as important environmental goals for Austin. What separates us from most waste businesses, however, is that our composting program is directly connected to and funds our educational and community goals. Seen in this light, our hauling system and composting sites are not only a waste management solution but also a tool for social change, a strategic resource to help improve social outcomes. Material is currently composted in partnership with a local farm, and as we grow we plan to use compostables directly to produce food, a portion of which will be donated to low-income families.
For more information,  visit Break It Down's website.