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post carbon institute interview with severine, greenhorns director: healing the land for our collective good

Posted: October 15 2020

Vicki Robin, activist and best-selling author on sustainable living, interviews Greenhorns director, Severine con Tscharner Fleming, on the Post Carbon Institute's continuing podcast series, What Could Possibly Go Right?. In this series, Vicki talks with "provocative thought leaders about emerging possibilities and ways humanity might step onto a better, post-pandemic path."

In Severine's interview, she "brings her influences and analogies from the agricultural space to “What Could Possibly Go Right?”, including:

  • The “desire of humans to move geographically”, including a current fleeing and resettling driven by climate, ambition, hopes, and fears.
  • The concepts of land commons and ocean commons, including for other cultures who care for crops and benefit collectively without private ownership.
  • The need to transition stewardship of land owned by older generations to young farmers, and how to pass this on through purchase, gifting or passing on estates.
  • That the word subsistence and its connotations may distract from the “shiny, glistening abundance”.
  • That those willing to do the reparations and healing of the land for our collective good should earn an enduring right to subsistence."

The "What Could Possibly Go Right?" series includes conversations with a host of talented activists and leaders like Bill McKibben of 350.org and Victoria Santos of Young Women Empowered. To tune in to the rest of these interviews and more resources, visit the Post Carbon Institute.