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please take a moment to help the gardiner food co-op win 25k to revitalize their community!

Posted: June 1 2015

You can vote 10 times a day! Please help the Gardiner Food Cooperative to provide affordable local food to their community. <----Click this whole link to vote! No registration is needed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.18.15 AMThe City of Gardiner, once a thriving industrial center, has struggled in recent decades. Unemployment in Gardiner exceeds that of the local area and the County. The population has declined over 14% since 1990 and poverty rates among households with children has risen. Food stamp usage for households in the area was over 75% higher than the national average last year. Although there are many issues that exist, these statistics highlight the importance of better food security, the value of a strong local food system, and the need for a strong community that can work together to change and grow. The community needs access to affordable food, access to better food, access to food education, and access to a community space where all of these very important things can happen together. Food cooperatives are one of the best and most sustainable ways to address these needs but there are currently none within a 26-mile radius of the City. Gardiner needs a food cooperative!

Check out their website HERE and click HERE to vote! No regi