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phoenix house seeking farmer - Shrub Oaks, NY

Posted: October 6 2009

a great opportunity for an aspiring farmer!  You can read their plan for establishing a farm here: Phoenix House Yorktown Farm Plan
phoenix farm
Phoenix House provides substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery support services to poor and vulnerable teens, women, and men across the country. We have a number of residential treatment high schools called the Phoenix Academies, one of which is on a large property in Shrub Oak, New York in Westchester County.
We would like to establish an organic farm at the school, so that the kids (most of whom come from urban neighborhoods in New York City) could learn about food and nutrition, have healthy physical activity, and learn skills that they could take home to their communities when they complete treatment. We have created a plan for the farm and are seeking the right person to lead this process—ideally someone with a farming background who is comfortable with working in a teaching environment with teens.