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patagonia provisions: unbroken ground

Posted: June 17 2016
This summer, Patagonia Provisions will release Unbroken Ground – a 25-minute film that explores the critical role food plays in finding solutions to the environmental crisis. The vast majority of our food is produced using methods that reduce biodiversity, decimate soil and contribute to climate change. Patagonia Provisions believes that food can and should be be grown, harvested and produced in ways that restore the land, water, wildlife and human health. Directed by Chris Malloy of Farm LeagueUnbroken Ground tells the story of four pioneering groups – and the people behind them – leading the way with regenerative agriculture, restorative grazing, new crop development and selective-harvest fishing.
A nationwide film tour starts June 22, 2016 in NYC, leading up to the film’s public release on August 1, 2016. This is the first food-focused film Patagonia has produced and the piece is chock-full of compelling dialogue around our broken food system. Drawing direct lines to the role food plays in reversing climate change, one can easily see why a company like Patagonia is now turning its gaze to the food industry.


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